Traumatic Stress and PTSD

depression-week-image-300x300It is natural to be affected by traumatic events but many people find that the symptoms ease and disappear relatively quickly with the bodies natural healing process and the passage of time. Sometimes, for whatever reason this does not happen.   PTSD can develop months or years after the event.   The bad feelings associated with the memories of a traumatic event or events may be so painful they take over your life and result symptoms that you may not necessarily associate with the original event. When symptoms are affecting the way you live your day to day life then it is time to get help.  If you have tried talking therapies such as counseling or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and, or medication, but are still  having difficulties it may be time to look for an alternative or additional treatment.

TFT – Thought Field Therapy

This original tapping therapy was discovered in the USA by Roger Callahan and is extremely effective for emotional based problems. Using the bodies natural energy pathways to rebalance the energy system, this simple tapping therapy removes the pain that results from experiencing traumatic events.  Using TFT accesses the code to natures healing system.  Although the memory of the event or events remain, they become manageable and less significant when the associated pain is eliminated.  Any good memories may be enhanced bringing comfort without pain or distress.

Psychological and Emotional Trauma

You could be suffering traumatic stress if you have been involved in or witnessed an event that was distressing or threatened your safety or the safety of someone else.

  • Accident, injury, violent attack, disaster  (flooding, earth quake, tsunami …)
  • Rape, sexual assault, childhood abuse, crime, your safety was threatened
  • Traumatic childbirth, death, loss in disturbing circumstances, severe neglect
  • Neighbourhood crime, bullying at work or school
  • War, military combat, life threatening illness
  • Surgery, relationship breakup, domestic violence, humiliating or deeply disappointing experience
  • Any other event where you feared for your life or the life or safety of someone else

Symptoms – physiological, emotional or physical

Guilt – blame – shock – denial – confusion – fear – anxiety  anger – confusion –being  irritable – numb –  withdrawn                  poor concentration – distant — alone – hopelessness sadness –  mood swings – easily startled – insomnia  nightmares — tension – tiredness – racing heartbeat   aching – fatigue – unexplained pain – helplessness – despair

You may also suffer from

Depression – anxiety disorders – phobias – suicidal feelings self harming

Additional symptoms of PTSD

  • Flashbacks, intrusive thoughts or visions, pain, sweating, nausea, trembling, hypervigilance
  • Intense distress at real or suggestive triggers of the trauma, not being in control, avoiding situations that are reminders , panic attacks
  • Difficulty in controlling your emotions
  • Unable to function normally for you
  • Cutting yourself of from friends and family
  • Issues with trusting others
  • Reliance on alcohol, drugs or self harming to relive symptoms


TFT  – has helped thousands of people world wide to overcome their psychological and emotional problems.

  • In USA  victims from Hurricane Katrina, many people involved in the World Trade Centre attacks , the Oklahoma City Bombing and the deadly shootings at Columbine were helped with TFT.
  • Globally it has brought relief to those suffering from disasters, natural and man-made, such as the Kosovo war, the genocide in Rwanda and the earthquake in Japan.
  • Red Cross volunteers & University Students were trained in TFT to help with large scale trauma relief for victims and their families in Rwanda.


  • Simple, non invasive, painless and drug free
  • TFT works even if you don’t believe in it
  • Individual personalized treatment
  • Fast measurable results
  • High success rate
  • Relief without re-traumatization
  • Effective even if client does not want to talk about the problem
  • May be short term or longer term treatment
  • Can be used alongside other therapies such as Counselling and CBT
  • I will laisse with other health care professionals on your behalf if and when appropriate
  • No limit to number of sessions
  • Safe controlled environment
  • Qualified and experienced therapist
  • TFT used worldwide for traumatic stress relief

Long Term Emotional Stability

  • Motivational guidance
  • Positive thinking techniques
  • Establishing new habits & planning the future
  • Self help techniques that really work when used