Time to Shine

“The time to shine is when it is darkest”

It is not easy in the face of adversity to carry on as if nothing has happened.  In my darkest days, a few years ago, I was weak.  I allowed my life to cave in and grind to a halt.  For the second time in my life I found a weakness in my makeup that left me devastated and bereft.  It was the most awful feeling of despair and I just didn’t know what to do about it.

I still live with the residues of those days. But now, today, I have an inner strength that has been born out of those dark times. Those experiences have given me a new determination which casts a bright light across the shadows of despair.

But where did this light come from?  It has, and is, growing from a tiny spark.  And I see now that a spark is all I needed to begin my journey along the path to a brighter outlook.  Just realising that it’s there is the first step.  Looking for the spark and nurturing it whilst being careful not to snuff it out.

Perhaps the most difficult bit was realising that if I could just keep it alive, feed it and let it grow, then that tiny spark would become a light so bright it would shine through my entire life.  Just like the dawning of a new day, as the sun begins to rise and casts its early light across the world.  The belief that every day that sun will rise again and again, makes the sun something to rely on.

That light from my spark is also something that I can rely on.  I just have to believe it is there and allow it to light my way.  I let it seep into my life’s dark corners where the bad things lurk.  The dark corners and shadows of the unknown hold fear and mystery.  Nothing is ever so bad when you can see it clearly. So when I cast my light over those area’s I see that they are nothing to be afraid of.  Just problems to be solved.  Lessons to be learned.  Experiences to be gained from.  New strengths and skills to enrich my life that I can use for ever.

What is in the dark corners of your life?  Why shy away from them when you too can cast a glowing light that will that will help and guide you for ever.

Nina Waite


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