Using TFT

Thought Field Therapy is

  • Simple to use
  • Totally non invasive
  • Can be used by anyone, anywhere
  • Can be used on self or others
  • Works whether you believe in it or not!
  • Offers effective long term solutions for emotional and event based problems
  • No matter how new or old the problem is



This simple tapping technique uses the bodies natural energy pathways to to effect its miracle results.

By simply tapping on the points relevant to your problem (the alogorithm) whilst thinking about the problem you can literally heal yourself.

Results and quick and long term.

For more complex issues it is best to use a qualified therapist to ensure the correct tapping sequence is used with the relevant thought field to gain the greatest benefit.  Finding the correct thought field is the key to long term, effective treatment.

When working with clients I like to encourage self help.  My clients receive help and advice on what, when and how to use the tapping algorithms to help themselves during, between and after treatments.

Treatment is applied simply by tapping on the correct sequence of energy points on the body.

The energy path ways are mirrored so run down both sides of the body.  Either side can be tapped with the same result.

Two fingers from either the right or left hand are used to tap just hard enough to feel but nor to hurt.

5-10 taps are usually sufficient at each point although occasionally for some problems more might be required.

To download a pdf of the tapping points please see the resources page.

tft tapping points