The body Meridians are pathways of qi energy and were discovered centuries ago by the Chinese.  They formed the basis for Chinese medicine including acupuncture and have been used for healing on that continent ever since.

It took a long time for the Western World to become familiar with such medicine but these days treatments such as Acupuncture are readily available.



The meridians are invisible channels or pathways forming an energy highway throughout the body along which flows qi (chee) energy.  The meridians exist in pairs serving both sides of the body and can be mapped as above.  Along the meridians lie the Acupuncture points.  It is a selection of these points that are used in TFT.

The chart below shows how the meridians link to the organs of the body and the effects that a good balanced flow has.  Also shown are potential effects of blockages in the pathways.

Meridian Emotions When Balanced Emotions When Blocked
Central Success, self-respect Overwhelmed, shame, failure
Governing Supported, trusting Unsupported, distrustful, competitive
Small Intestine Joy, appreciated, equality Sorrow, unappreciated, inferior
Triple Warmer Lightness, harmony, hope Heaviness, loss of faith, hopelessness
Heart Love, forgiveness, self-worth Anger, hate, insecure, jealous
Circulation-Sex Relaxation, intimacy, satisfaction Stubborn, blame, regretful
Spleen Faith in the future, confident Anxious, mentally rigid, rejected
Stomach Content, tranquil, empathetic Worried, apprehensive, critical
Lung Tolerant, enthusiastic, humble Intolerant, depressed, prejudiced
Large Intestine Worthy, willing to let go Unworthy, unmerciful, retaining the old
Bladder Peace, self-direction, self-control Restless, needing approval, impatient
Kidney Security, loyalty, creative security Insecurity, disloyalty, procrastination
Gall Bladder Decisive, loved, free to chose Indecisive, abandoned, resentment
Liver Happy, content, free to change Anger, defensive, feeling stuck