How it Works

TFT is different to any other psychological treatment.  It works with the bodies natural meridians to bring rapid and lasting relief from negative emotions and emotional distress.

TFT is applied by tapping in a specific sequence with just two fingers on points along the required meridian.  This influences the body’s bio energy field located along the energy meridian and collapses the perturbations in the Thought Field which are the fundamental cause of all negative emotions. Whatever psychological concern you are thinking about at the time will benefit from the positive effects of the treatment.


A perturbation is defined as a ‘subtle but clearly isolable aspect of a Thought Field which is responsible for triggering and controlling all negative emotions’ (Callahan & Callahan, “Stop The Nightmares of Trauma”)

The important thing to note is that because the perturbation can be isolated it can be collapsed, along with the information that is causing the problem, without affecting the memory of the event or experience.  Actually, it often enhances the memory as the negative associated feelings are no longer there to inhibit the memory.

Perturbation 2


Before treatment with TFT a there is emotional distress when thinking of an event or experience that causes the problem e.g. grief, work problems, stress, anxiety, phobias etc.

Perturbation 3



After treatment the emotional pain, negative emotion or distress is completely removed from that Thought Field along with the perturbation.  The memory itself is not affected and may even be enhanced.  This makes TFT ideal for the treatment of grief where a loved ones memories are so important.