Thought Field Therapy






Thought Field Therapy is defined as:
“…a treatment that when applied to a psychological problem an individual is focusing upon will modify discrete information patterns in the Thought Field, the fundamental cause of all negative emotions.”

Discovered by accident in the USA by Roger Callahan, TFT is the original emotional freedom technique. (EFT)

Using the bodies natural meridians, this sequential tapping therapy allows you to eliminate most negative emotions or fears within minutes.

It is totally non-invasive and a highly effective, long term solution for many emotional problems .

What is an Emotional Problem?

Emotional problems are feelings or emotions that are the result of some experience or event that stay with us.  They may be positive or negative and may diminish or disappear. Sometimes these stay with us and become more of a problem.  They can present in a number of ways and to varying degree’s ranging from a small phobic response to deep depression and beyond.

In our lives we all have things that get in the way.  It may be something small, a niggle that prevents us doing something like not tidying that cupboard or paying a bill.  It will still be there tomorrow.  Or it may be something bigger like, not taking that holiday abroad because you are afraid of flying, or taking the long way home because you don’t like driving on the motorway.

Often these things have been present in your life for so long that you have developed coping strategies that have now become a way of life and so you don’t see them as a problem any more.

Such as

  • The boss knows you don’t like flying so he has stopped asking you to take those business trips and sends someone else instead. And that’s fine because you would rather be at home with your family anyway.
  • You don’t like spiders but it is no big deal because someone else will deal with it for you.  You will just avoid that area for now and do that task later when it has gone.
  • You were asked to speak at a conference which was a great honour but you turned it down because you were afraid of speaking in public.
  • You can’t lose weight no matter what you try
  • You really panic when you are out on your own or meeting new people.

It is possible to get past these issues and lead the life you long to lead – even if you don’t know what that is yet!

Emotional liberation is just a better way to live!

    Don’t Suffer!

    Get Sorted!