Mastering Anger


“Getting angry doesn’t solve anything.”

Grace Kelly





ShadowMost of us will have angry feelings at some time in our lives.  Anger is part of our survival instinct and for most will be occasional and quick to pass with no real consequences.  But for some it can be uncontrollable, rising unexpectedly and lasting minutes, hours, days  or longer.  Anger can be the shadow under which you live affecting

  • Health and well-being
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Relationships with family, friends, colleagues
  • Social life

When anger becomes part of who you are it becomes a problem.  Anger’s roots are in the past but in our mind we nurture it, feed it and allow it to eat into our very being.


Taking Control

Anger is not the same for everyone.  Just as people are all different, so too is our experience with anger.

Understanding your anger and where it comes from is the first step in taking control.  By raising awareness of what happens , followed with practical action and support and you can Master Your Anger.

Mastering Anger

ExploreMastering Anger is a multi level approach providing a specific strategy for your individual needs.   In the same way that ones experience is different, so too should be the solution.





Together we will explore

  • How angry are you really?
  • Past traumas and life changing events
  • Anger links with stress and depression
  • Personality traits
  • Behavior through experience
  • Short and long term beliefs
  • Thoughts and communication
  • Managing and treating negative emotions

Then using the appropriate steps, exercises and therapy you can create a solid base for future emotional stability and personal success.


Mastering a potentially  long term problem will not be easy so a good network for support and encouragement  is beneficial.   It can be difficult to reach out to those who have been on the receiving end at first.  So, one to one support to get you started and help to build your network for long term success can be reassuring.


Mastering Anger is a positive step towards creating a controlled or anger free future.  Unfortunately there is no magic switch to flick or button to press.  However, real change is possible with real commitment.

You Can Do It!

As human beings we are all much more resourceful than we think we are.  At this moment in time we are all doing the best we can with our current level of awareness.  But we can do so much more.

Take the Lid off Your Future

Lid OffWe all need something to look forward to.  Without goals and hope life can look desperate.  Being trapped inside your own emotions can drain energy, h

When you take back control of a previously angry life, it is easier to look to the future.  Being in control will bring opportunities to improve  all those  major life areas that currently suffer.ope and purpose.

Do it for your self!


“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

James Thurber