“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill


I got it wrong again! It is such a familiar feeling that eventually it has a feeling of inevitability about. What is it? It is anything that requires some input from me, or you, to achieve some outcome.

I remember that feeling, ‘oh, I am having one of those days’ or ‘it’s going to be one of those days to day’. It is that feeling, that already, everything I have touched so far that day has gone wrong. And once this type of day starts I just know it is going to get worse. My day is doomed before it has even started!

I stubbed my toe on the way to the bathroom, dropped my toothbrush after I had put the toothpaste on it. Then I chipped a mug as I got it out of the cupboard. It could have been worse, I could have broken it. Or is chipped as bad as broken because it should still be thrown away? I dropped the toast and guess what? It landed butter side down. Now I have to start again, whereas if it had landed butter side up I could have dusted it off and eaten it anyway. Does that sound awful, or is that what you would have done?

Then, just as I am leaving for an important appointment I get a phone call. I can’t ignore it. That doesn’t fit with my values. I have to answer it, hoping for once it is someone in a far off country wanting to ask me questions about my electric or something. Someone I can get rid of quickly. But, it’s not. It is much more important than that, and has to be dealt with in a polite and unhurried way, immediately. No, I can’t ring them back, even though they were lucky to catch me. So calm down and do what you must. OK, now I am going to be late for my very important date.

And so I go on, throughout the day, lurching from one disaster from another. Wishing this day would come rushing to an end so I can start a fresh tomorrow. On their own each of my mistakes, errors, disasters were probably quite insignificant. But coming one after another and not letting up makes them appear to be worse and my resilience starts to decline. It’s a wonder under the weight of all that that I just don’t give up and crawl back into bed.

But no! Push it aside and move on. That has to be my way. Learn what there is to learn and just try again. I stay positive and know that eventually I will get it right, for to do anything else would just be too destructive.

How do you cope with life’s disappointments? Be true to yourself. You know you can be, don’t you?


Nina Waite



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